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Based on quality and reliability, Vimal group is to become the most preferred brand in the region. 
Our vision is to grow rapidly with the help of newer technologies and tapping latent needs of the consumers. It is our firm belief that if we can provide what consumers need, in a way they need, there is hardly a reason why Vimal brand will not soon become one of the most preferred and trusted brands. For this we will keep re-assessing and build upon our strengths and improve upon our weaknesses. As part of the Vimal group, we, the Promoters & the employees should never compromise on the promises of quality and innovation. And the goals are ours to reach.

Continue to provide value added products in an ethical and competitive way to the community.
Businesses are to generate profits. The difference with us is how we define profit. We believe that any exchange of goods and services should leave both- the giver and taker- satisfied and pleased. This generates trust. This in turn is, key to the growth and even survival of a company. On the other hand, adapting to changing times – whether it is new technology or consumer needs makes a business profitable. This profitability allows continuity and growth of the business. In short, it is a two way process. For overall development.